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The name of this domain is derived from res publica, a Latin expression which means, literally translated, public matters or public affairs. It was a term forged by the Romans, and it shows their acute political understanding of human togetherness. In a more expansive way, you could translate the term also as socio-political literacy or systemliteracy that comes with a shared responsibility for matters that concern all of us.

And yet, for that matter, ipublica does not promote political activism. To care for the common good is not ‘politics’ in the modern sense of the word, while it was well so in ancient times. Today being an activist means to somehow inflict upon society some kind of political maneuvering, lobbying or advocating this or that partial and fragmented view—but this is not my motivation. I do not consider it necessary to pressure social institutions, political leaders or other folks with any kind of agenda, while this is today very commonplace. My point of departure is different, and so is my publishing vision.

As quantum physics explains so convincingly, every kind of observation manipulates and disturbs living systems. Nothing in nature can be observed and measured without being altered and disturbed. That is called entanglement or observer bias.

Now, this same principle applies not only for living systems in the narrow sense of the word, but also for human society. A society is also a living system, hence when you want to ‘change society’ as an activist, you do disturb it, which means you interfere in it, which means as a result that you disturb the natural development of such a system through your ego-ridden interference in it.

This is the reason why the sages of old lived afar from mundane life and while they knew the faultlines of activism, they did in no way interfere. They wrote books, they taught their way of seeing the integrality of life, but they stayed away from political activism. This is precisely the purpose I have set for ipublica.

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